Chebucto WindField

About Chebucto Wind Field

Chebucto Wind Field Inc. is a community economic development corporation operating in Halifax Regional Municipality, established to support renewable energy and, in particular, wind power development in Nova Scotia. The business rationale and core guiding principles of the company are as follows:

    •    That there is tremendous potential for wind power development in the province of Nova Scotia, given our superior wind regime.
    •    That there are strong prospects in the wind industry as the costs of harnessing the wind resource continue to decrease, making it increasingly competitive in relation to traditional electrical generation.
    •    That the economic benefits of developing the wind energy resources in Nova Scotia should remain in the local communities, through community ownership of the wind energy infrastructure
    •    That Nova Scotians have a responsibility to improve the energy production mix in the province by reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide and other pollutants released into the environment by electricity generation
    •    That Nova Scotian businesses and consumers should have the right to choose to purchase energy produced from renewable sources and that many will choose to do so within a competitive pricing framework

The Chebucto Wind Field team is a well rounded group of professionals with a depth of experience in business, engineering, science, risk management, investment, finance, environmental management, administration and the public sector.

You can now reach Chebucto Wind Field directly on their own website: