About The WindFields

The Community Economic Development Corporations of the Scotian Wind Field family are incorporated under the Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) program of the Nova Scotia government.

Qualifying CEDIF Corporations are eligible for a 35% provincial Equity Tax Credit against NS provincial income taxes payable and further credits under the federal RRSP program.

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About the Community WindFields

Scotian WindFields Inc was established through an agreement among eight community-owned WindField groups. Scotian WindFields’ primary mandate is to develop renewable energy projects (such as wind, solar, tidal) and to enable participation of local community WindFields Boards and shareholders. 

Click here to learn details about each local WindField and find out which is closest to your home.
About CEDIFs:
CEDIFs (Community Economic Development Investment Funds) are an initiative of the Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development. Investors in all CEDIFs are eligible for a 35% NS tax credit against NS Income Tax Payable in year 1, as well as a potential 20% NS tax credit in year 6 and 10% in year  11. Many Nova Scotian investors have already received a NS tax credit (recently in creased from 30% to 35%) by investing in a CEDIF corporation. Please note that those who do not pay provincial taxes in NS can not qualify for the NS provincial tax credits.
RRSP eligibility:
CEDIFs are also RRSP eligible. To hold CEDIF investments as an RRSP investors must set up a special self directed RRSP account.

See the Government of Nova Scotia's website for more information on the CEDIF program.