Scotian WindFields Inc : Getting to Know Us

Scotian WindFields Inc (SWFI) is an innovative renewable energy corporation that provides integrated solutions scaled to suit all energy needs. Formed by the collaboration of regional community WindFields, Scotian WindFields is uniquely situated to work directly with communities to help them enjoy the benefits of renewable resources.

Priority One : Working with Community Partners

Scotian WindFields Inc (SWFI) represents the next stage in renewable energy development. Formed by community energy proponents to encourage local ownership, SWFI is uniquely poised to work with Nova Scotians to develop the abundant renewable energy resources of this province.

We believe in working with communities to develop local resources in an way that is sensitive to local concerns and local needs. Our expertise in renewable energy resource exploration and development means that we can maximize the benefits of renewable energy to the advantage of the whole community.  Our relationship with regional WindFields means that we work directly with volunteers in each community to ensure local participation.

Scaleable Development : Solutions to Fit Your Needs

SWFI is dedicated to providing scalable renewable energy solutions that meet the needs of all energy consumers from utility installations to small scale systems.

Being founded in Nova Scotia and having roots here requires an innovative approach and the flexibility to tailor our operations to this particular environment. We take full advantage of this unique economic context by producing products and strategies that are scaled specifically for the energy requirements in this province. Our products and services target the complete range of renewable solutions:

Utility Wind : bidding on grid scale development in the 30 to 40 MW range as suppliers Nova Scotia Power Inc.
Embedded Generation : developing ‘inside the fence’ projects to service commercial retailers, industrial applications, and institutional facilities.
Small Wind : providing turnkey packages to homeowners and small businesses with alternative energy solutions, as well as the tools to reduce their carbon footprint.
Solar : working with clients to provide turnkey solar solutions in hot water heating and photovoltaic applications.

Leadership in Environmental Stewardship

Scotian WindFields Inc believes in leadership by example. We believe in excellence in corporate social responsibility, accountability, and reporting. Tracking our performance in key indicators such as carbon footprint, environmental impact, and social responsibility forms the foundation for good management practices and is reflected in our day-to-day operating philosophy.